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    Finally small scale affordable anaerobic digestion comes to the UK
    Biolectric AD provides electricity and heating with a single installation. Benefit from Government tariffs, on site energy production and use, with the added benefit of improving the nitrate value of your farms slurry.
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  • ikubeiKube - Free Mobile Green Energy

    iKube is a ready to use mobile generator able to guarantee up to 4kW uniterupted power supply (UPS). Designed to provide electricity in all areas of the globe not covered by a distribution grid and for all uses that require being able to move their energy source.

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Logical Energy are official Global partners for the Bio2kWe Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants. Covering UK and Europe. Logical Energy provide a full turn key solution offering business's the ability to provide electricity and heat on site using waste biomass material, while qualifying for Government incentives.

We also offer large scale waste to energy plants, ranging in size from 250kW to 100MW, desalination plants and aerobic digestors. Our website will be updated to include these products in due course, in the meantime, should you have a requirement for any of the products we offer, please contact us.